November, 2018

Kissing you tastes like 8 years ago, on a bridge, in a park, in the middle of winter,
You’re still just as hard to resist.
I wrap my arm around your back and you look at me like we could be something,
Something more than whatever we are right now.
We talk about your family and I pull you a little bit closer,
Like I need to hold on to you a little bit tighter.
You talk about all the things you’d never say in the daylight and I’m already beginning to carry their weight.
I think you underestimate yourself, I say, and you tell me that I’m probably right.
I get it, I swear.
You smell like something familiar and I can’t help but remember being 15 and not knowing which red flags to look for.
I’m 23 and a part of me is always going to adore you.
I think we’re always going to carry each other’s secrets.
I think you’re always going to drive me a little bit crazy.
You can stay the night, I tell you,
And come the morning,
You’ll be sober.