Little Things

We all have a few weird things that make us more happy than they probably should (this is my list). Personally, I get extremely excited when a friend asks me to hold her Starbucks cup, or when I hang around people who listen to rap music because I never know what to look up on my own.

I love libraries more than I love books, and walking through a storage store like Solutions gives me a complete sense of calmness and satisfaction that I can’t get anywhere else.

I went to a couple breweries the other week, and while I completely understand that the purpose of going to a brewery is for beer, I’d probably go back to 33acres brew pub just to look at the interior design (and yeah, I’d get another beer too). For me, anything with walls that look like they’re not quite finished, and writing that’s been given a great font, I’m a fan of (which makes Cafe’s and apparently breweries some of my favourite places).

I think Jack Daniel’s tastes terrible, but I would drink it just to use the bottle as decoration. If I find something peanut-free in a grocery store that I’ve never had before, I feel completely obligated to purchase it, which has lead me into purchasing strange gluten-free cheese cakes that I didn’t actually enjoy.

Drinking cheap wine will forever be more romantic than anything that costs above 15$, and beer often has better logo’s than any other form of alcohol.

I collect journals the same way I start blogs and give up on them within a month or so. They’re reliable – I know that the moment I decide I have something to say, they’ll be there to accept it without judgment.

I’ve already claimed my love for turtlenecks, but I will reiterate it. I also believe underwear is largely unnecessary, and almost every friend I know who has rejected that theory has contacted me within the last month claiming they have moments where they no longer wear it. I too had difficulty believing it once upon a time, and I thank my previous roommate for teaching me otherwise.

I once flirted with a guy in a bar and when he asked me what music I liked I said, “anything I can drive to.” He responded with, “you’re young aren’t you?”
I still don’t get it.
But seriously, there is nothing better than having the perfect playlist when you’re driving,nothing.

I don’t cry when I’m happy – it’s simply not a thing. Unless I’m at a wedding, in that case, cue the ‘happy tears’.

When I laugh – and I mean laugh really hard, I sound like I’m hyperventilating and some people get nervous. I used to think my mother’s laugh was embarrassing, now I wish it had worn off on me.

If you wrap gifts in brown paper you are 10x a greater person than people who use any other form of paper. Fact. Also, if you use ribbon…

I like people more when they’re dragging me out of my comfort zone. I mean not at the time, but I thank them later.

I can’t dance. I don’t mean I’m not a very good dancer. I mean, my body is a plank of wood and when I attempt to dance all it consists of is limbs flailing around to the side and a board wobbling back and fourth. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I love to dance.

I’ve listened to “Down On Me” by Jerimih ft 50 Cent more than any other song this past month and I fully blame and thank my friend for it.

I believe whole heartedly that if you want to get to know somebody you should a) go on a walk with them or b) go on a drive with them

I have this friend, and sometimes we imagine opening up our own Cafe with it’s own library on the side. It would have the best playlist you could ever imagine, twinkly lights, lots of lace, mason jars, and wooden tables, among other things.

I’d go boating over the beach, and hiking over tanning. I’d gladly look over the edge of a cliff, but I think rollercoasters are stupid by design and I don’t trust that shit. (And yet, I want to go zip-lining).

When I told my dad I wanted to go zip-lining, I asked him if he thought I’d actually do it. He said, “Yes, you’ll just tell us to pray for you first.” No sentence has described my life as perfectly as that.

My mother is the greatest person on the face of this earth. Fact.

I was an extremely clean person until I moved to BC. Now my room’s a mess, and I go days without responding to text messages. I’m not sure what BC’s doing to me, but it’s doing something.

I would advocate that the number 1 treatment for a broken heart is listening to “I Look So Good” by Jessie James daily whether you actually like the song or not. And listening to “Break Up in a Small Town” by Sam Hunt, is the best sing-a-long song when you’re driving in a car with a bunch of girls.

I am prone to overanalyzing almost everything, so it means something to say that moving to BC was the best decision I ever could have made. And despite the difficulties I felt once upon a time, everything that led up to the moment I left, I will cherish as the most important aspects of who I am now. I have never been this content in my entire life. 

If there was one moment I wish I could recapture, it would be when Cam & Sonya (my brother and his wife) sang a song together at their wedding. I believe perfection flickers in and out of moments, and this was one of those moments.

I have a strange addiction to writing out things that describe myself because I think it’s important to understand who you are – and for people like me, you don’t understand a thing unless you’re writing it down.

from 11/20/15

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