White Rock



Until yesterday, I had never eaten something from a cafe before.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never be a true Canadian since I can’t eat at Tim Horton’s, and I will never be too “basic” since I can’t buy Starbucks and Instagram it. And yet, I still have a thing for cafe’s.

So a peanut-free cafe conveniently located at the ocean’s edge is basically like a bunch of dreams colliding into one. I had to go.

I also had to try just about everything. I’ve never had carrot cake before, never tried a macaroon, and my history of trying legitimate fudge is limited. Also, homemade muffins, in my mind, simply don’t compare to the one’s cafe’s sell. Therefore, there were a fair amount of purchases, and the repeated art of taste-testing and getting overly excited.

I understand that it sounds silly and exaggerated, but when it’s a perfect sunny day and your sitting by the ocean with a friend, sipping hot chocolate that literally had a scoop of melted chocolate thrown in it, and trying a bunch of different desserts you’ve never had before – life feels good.

I’ve had a couple conversations with a few different people on the important of using the word “nice”. Oftentimes, in conversation or in writing, it’s easy to get caught up in ‘wordiness’. But sometimes, the best word you can possibly use to describe something, is just saying, “it was nice.”

I might live in a fantasy world filled with cliché’s and trivial obsessions, but right there and then, sitting by the ocean, things were just nice.


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