On Wednesday’s, the sun shines.

Early in the semester, and yet still caught up in large amounts things to do, my friend and I concluded that Wednesday afternoons would always be a time when we could see each other, even if we weren’t able to the rest of the week. We both have class later in the afternoon, so we would have to be on campus anyway, and so far we were never scheduled to work at this time.

So with that in mind, we met at the campus pub, got a drink, and caught up over all that had been going on, and then promised we would see each other next Wednesday. By the time the next Wednesday hit, and after she ran into several of our friends, we began recruiting other friends to come join, until the Wednesday pub day had turned into a full-blown girls day at the pub. The amount of people grew, alongside the amount of food and alcohol we ordered. And I think there’s a nice selection of us now that end up going to our late afternoon classes a little bit tipsy.

At this point, you can catch us at the pub probably discussing gynecologist appointments, boys, the Ski & Snowboard club, and the latest probably-too-personal piece of information on our chaotic lives. We’ll probably also have pitchers – plural, because our eyes were bigger than an alcohol tolerance and we’ve now ended up with more than we bargained for.

Since we started going, and disregarding one Wednesday that was missed, it has been sunny every time and we’ve been able to make use of the patio despite the colder weather coming. The past week it has rained every day, but today I woke up and regardless of the clouds, the sun is still trying to peek through whenever it can. And so continues our tradition, of sunny Wednesday afternoon’s, of a bunch of female friends getting together, and day drinking before our classes.

I think today we’re playing pool.

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