On conversations that are held in the dark.

And sometimes,
I should probably just keep my mouth shut.
But there’s a lot of things I like knowing
Around 2am.

 And I’ve learned that a lot of people
Are better at sharing
When the lights are off
And they’re a little over tired.

 Because I think in the darkness
Our conversations are blind
And they feel as though
They may disappear by tomorrow.

 And I think that when they don’t
We become just a little bit more okay with it
Or sometimes,
We don’t.

 But I’ve heard so much about small talk,
And I’ve never been good at casual pillow talk
Because I think people are made up of things
That don’t include what they ate for breakfast that day.

 And I’d like to know
About the things that make us whole
And the things that make us anxious
When we say them out loud.

 And I know that sometimes I am all talk
Because some nights I am made up of sarcasm
And sentences with more syllables and less breaths
Because sometimes I’m afraid of silence.

 And I am learning to recognize
The necessity of each
And I am learning very slowly
To try and ease my speech.

 So for all the times I’ve made one too many jokes
I am sorry I wanted too badly to fill the void
This was not me kidding,
This was me wishing you would say more.
(Without knowing how to say it out loud)

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