A list as long as the alphabet, on some people I know.


He is romance with a stutter
And I think he just doesn’t know how loud he wants to say it.
Because he is confidence,
With a history he can be proud of
But I think he really enjoys the present.
And I think he has answers to questions
That girls would spend their lives waiting to hear
And I wonder how many times
He finds himself willing to say them out loud.


She is mismatched confidence and self-love
And I wish I could pull the strings together a little tighter
Because she is more than what she’s accounted herself for
But I think she’s still working on learning to believe it.
And I wish she was as comfortable with her voice
The way the rest of us who love to listen are.  


She is confidence based off survival and she’s come very far
And she would never let you see her broken
But she knows how to let herself feel
Because for her emotions are hardwired into her being
And she’s learned that, despite whether she wants them there.
And I think she’s looking for somebody who ‘gets her’,
But not everybody can – and she needs the one who loves her regardless.


I know it it is so hard to be vulnerable
And you have done so well at holding it together
But I have never been more proud, to see you building your backbone
And every time I look at you,
You have become better than all your yesterday’s
Even on the day’s when I thought
You couldn’t get any better.


He is a give everything type of guy
And I hope he has kept enough for himself.
Because it is so hard when you give and give and give
And people leave but forget to give back
But if there is one thing I can be certain of
It is that one day, he will find her and she will not walk away.


She is so well put together
And she works so hard to get to where she’s going
But there are days I wish she could believe in it a little more.
And I remember the day that I met her
And I remember who she was several years ago
And I remember the summer she found herself
And I hope a day never passes where she isn’t proud of who she’s become.


She is a compilation of the rainy days and the one’s where the sun comes out
But she’s done a lot better at pushing away the clouds
And not all of us are able to work this hard at controlling our weather
But I think she learned the importance that one year
And I think she now holds the glue the will keep her together
But I hope she doesn’t forget that it’s still okay to occasionally come apart.


I think there was something missing
And too many things that went into fixing it
And she got caught up in all the wrong versions of who she was
But she’s on her way to finding who she is
And I wish she would know how far sorry’s go
And that when people love you they do know how to forgive
And even when it’s hard they’ll never actually leave.


He has learned a lot about loving people
Even when they hurt you
But he doesn’t talk about that much.
And sometimes when he talks I think he forgets
To breathe between the words – the sentences
The things he doesn’t quite say he loves
But you can hear it in his voice, that he does.
And I don’t think he’s ever recognized
How easy it is to just sit and listen, to him.


She is the closest thing to perfection I’ve ever met
But she’s never felt anywhere near to it
And I am sorry every time the stretch marks on her heart begin to ache
Because loving people as deeply as she does, can hurt.
And she is learning over time how to put herself first
When she has been so good at allowing herself to stay last.


He believes in science
And he believes in God
And he is not afraid to answer your questions if you are not afraid to ask them.
He will tell you what the bottle felt like in his hands
And the day that he finally put it down
And you’ll try to squint to see passed the person he’s become
Because you will never believe where he has been
And he will change the way you look at the world
Because somewhere along the line, someone changed it for him.


He is made up of a past
That he has been trying to forget
And there were times when I took the brunt force
Of where he was at.
But if you saw him today
You would not see the scars from all his mistakes
And he has tried very hard to get to where he is today
And I hope he sees how wonderfully far he has come.


She is a firecracker and she is bold
And some nights I think all she wants is to be held
Sometimes, it’s not easy, she knows
But it’s been a long time coming and I think she needs it all to slow
And I worry that each time she begins to falter
That she’s forgotten how much stronger, she truly is.


He spent years trying to become somebody
Only to decide it was not the person he wanted to be
And I think he keeps waiting for the moment he’s content
And I think we all end up looking in the wrong places for things like that
But for every time we fall apart
We allow something new to come together.


She is made up of things like stardust and self-confidence
And I have never seen her scared
She is made up of plane tickets and Californian sunshine
And she doesn’t stay in one place very long
She has held herself together quite well,
And I hope she knows that sometimes it’s okay to come apart.


He is learning how to like being on his own
And he knows all too well that walking away is never easy
But sometimes there is freedom around the next corner
And sometimes all the pain is worth everything you will gain
So he will, and he does, keep moving forward.


And she would love to fall in love
But every time she gets close enough
It ends all wrong
And I am sure that it is past the point of getting old
But I am hoping she has not taken that as a sign to give up.


I am sure it was never easy to simply come home
When you have gone away and become somebody
And I know that home will never quite be the same
And you should know whole-heartedly that that’s okay.


She is casually over-competent
And I don’t think she’s ever quite noticed it
Because we look at her as though she must have a secret
And she looks at everyone else as though we are a part of it.


She’s working on what it means to need people
And knowing that she doesn’t really need anybody
But sometimes it would be nice if there was a little bit more effort
And sometimes it’s okay to be a bit upset if there isn’t.


And it has been a hell of a year
And you will never be the same as you were
But every time you smile your way through the day
I hope you can mean it most of the time
Because you have made it so far
And things are bound to go up from here.


She likes the idea of love
But wavers at its presence
And I don’t blame her for being unsure
We are at a good age to be cautious.


She is months that went into building a self out of belonging
And she has found a place that will always be a sort of home
So it makes sense that it is sometimes so hard
To find yourself oceans away from who you are.


She is “I’m fine” and “Thank-you”’s
And she keeps most of it to herself
She is a list of her favourite memories
And she’ll probably only tell you if you ask.


I look at her and I think that everything must have come naturally
Because she is so at ease with the world and that’s not always easy
But she’s learned how to step into her own footprints
And I think she’s really taken on what it means to be her own person.


He is sometimes a little bit more than unsure
But he’s never liked being able to admit that
And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying something new
As long as you aren’t using it to escape the old.
And I think if people have several sides,
He has 4.
But I think one day he will wake up,
And he will stop looking for more.

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