One of my oldest friends is getting married, and I cannot wait to hold her hand.

One of my oldest friends is getting married –

Which is crazy because I still remember the days we spent walking around the mall, counting on our fingertips how many ‘hot’ boys we saw that day.

Some days were better than others.

Everyday, I am reminded, of not only the type of friend she is – but the type of person. Because if only you knew – God, I can barely fathom – what kind of year she has had.

She has carried the weight of love, and longing, and missing, and irreparable sorrow on her shoulders – and I ache over the distance that lies between me and my ability to hold her hand.

I wish, so badly, that I could have held her hand.

And I know she know’s that she is strong, but she is so much more than that. And I pray that as the days pass, she learns how to breathe easier – how to feel, lighter.

But through all the bitter, she has found the sweet – and I look up to her for the way in which she has moved forward toward this specific date.

Because I am sure that being in love is complex when you have also learned far too much about loss, but she has kept her hands out open, and I am thankful for the man that has been holding them tight.

I will look forward to the moment when I can wrap my arms around her despite the way my words will never amount to what I want them to. I will hold her hand, and tell her that I love her, and that I am proud of her…

Because one of my oldest friends is getting married –

Which is absolutely wonderful because she has come so incredibly far, and she deserves nothing less than the utmost happiness with the love of her life.

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