A handful of words that don’t belong together.

You have eyes that speak louder
than your words
and I think your hands might have been
meant to hold things like love
and maybe me – but more likely her.

And I’m not quite sure why
she never really stood by
any of this
I never really questioned any of this.

My head is always in the clouds
and there are only a few people who know
how to pull me down
maybe it just depends on the day.

I am stuck
up above
I like it here
I need my space.

And I really can’t explain why sometimes
I feel this way
I could keep dancing in circles with a smile on my face
but I’m not really there.

And she won’t ask questions and she won’t say your name
you tell me you hope I love myself the way you love me
and I say one day, baby.

I say I like tough questions  and I watch
as everybody’s mouth stays closed
and nobody says your name
I don’t say your name.

And I tell you it’s not about me
because the questions they ask don’t
have to do with myself.

Look at the ones who open their mouths
and maybe they have been listening
there are not many who have been listening.

I don’t really mind
I am not asking for anything
some people are made for talking.

For being heard and for filling the silence
and I am not one
I am made for listening.

For background noise and understanding
it doesn’t bother me to not hear my voice talking
I could live in your silence.

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