Lust & Love & Last Week

Seeing you is like coming home
But my home has been changing
For several years now
And I fear one day you will change too. 

Everything was just the slightest bit different. I decided I didn’t want the same things that I wanted desperately two weeks ago and I wish I could tell you why. I wish I could tell you how it feels to feel yourself shift in a different direction. And maybe everything will switch back in a week or two. Maybe it’s all a phase that many of us randomly go through. But if that’s the case, I’ll say it now before it’s too late – I don’t think I want this to change. 

“You can’t have the guy who thinks you walk on water. But you also can’t have the guy who pushes you off the boat…” 

“…Unless he jumps in with you.” 

– My friends & I in a cozy cafe last week; on people who treat you like you’re fragile, and those who don’t treat you like you’re much at all.

And then one day it all becomes familiar
And you don’t think twice about the walk to your house
And you remember his smell as though he never left.

And then she said, as though she had just decided in that moment, that when it came down to it, all she really felt was disappointed. 

I hope one day you fall in love, and I hope it never disappoints you. 

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