Tonight I moved my mattress against a different wall, I cleaned my whole apartment, and promised myself I’d keep it this way for a while. I keep my journal next to me when I sleep, a stack of books, and a scrambled pile of old letters. I sleep with a sleeping bag on my bed from my parent’s house because it reminds me of home, and it’s the warmest blanket I’ve ever known. There is a total of 47 days until I am done University, exams and all, and for this moment, I’m not scared. I miss approximately nine people at least once a day and I consider that a part of me – I am okay with that. Yesterday my friend told me she loves everyone and I wish it was that simple; I want to know what to do when you love someone who hurts another person you love. I tried to put my phone down for a few hours, because to be honest, it’s more of a stress than it is anything else. Today the sun was out and everything looked beautiful.

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