It’s Time for Your Next Chapter

To her.

It’s confusing, isn’t it? We have a million and one ways to describe heartbreak but I don’t think a single one of them do it justice. I don’t think anything can explain the feeling in your chest. Am I right?

Or the day you stop crying. When you’re just laughing and having fun with your friends and you’re a little bit shocked because you didn’t quite expect these feelings yet. Enjoy it. You deserve it. These feelings will come and go probably a thousand times, but I hope days like the one you’re having today last a million times longer than the rest.

If I were with you right now, we’d turn on Jessie James I Look So Good, and we’d dance. We’d talk about how great it feels to not wear underwear sometimes. Then we’d talk about boys, of course. We’d ask each other why it always is that we keep sticking around for people who aren’t quite showing that they value us, anymore.

The three of us talked about this on the phone today. I wish the three of us were all on the same side of the country right now. I wish we were getting wine drunk. I think we’d shake our heads at each other for what we’ve all done over the past several months – for the relationships we’ve been in and out of, the one’s we were in and maybe should have said goodbye to sooner. We’re all okay. We’re more than okay.

I wish I could cheers you to this new adventure that you’re on. I hope you fall in love with solitude a little bit more than ever before. I hope you never forget how strong, how incredible, and how beautiful you are. He’ll probably always be one of your greatest love stories – celebrate that, and know that while this next chapter is going to look a whole lot different, it’s going to have its own kind of magic.  

To him.

She’s amazing, isn’t she? Your hardest goodbye? I’m sure you are hers too. And that’s okay. You two will both be completely okay. But please give her time to heal, before you come back, before you hold another piece of her heart just in a friendship-sort-of-way.

She knows you love her, we all do, don’t worry. We all love you too, always.

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