Little Big Things (Pt.3)

Also known as, things made me feel rested this week. Or, things that made me extra thankful to be here, right now. Or, things that were kind of ordinary in the best way.

-Hangers. Who knew I would miss hangers so much? (But also simply the joy of unpacking for a few days into more than a locker beneath a bunk bed).

-Just doing life somewhere. The good and the bad. Like staying in bed for an entire day, drinking 8 cups of tea, taking cold medicine like candy, and watching countless movies. (And also having a temporary house key, more fridge space, and temporary roommates who go to work in the morning and come back in the evening).

-Not dreading November. Getting excited about November.

-Going to a concert alone to see your favourite artist.

-Days when you feel like you can write something half decent.

-This Glasgow Airbnb. Also this city. Also this country. But also my own country, too.

-The look how far I’ve come feeling.

-Admitting to yourself that you might be kind of nervous to go home because you might have found everything you were looking for (without knowing you were looking for it) across 6 countries over 3 months and you’re not sure if you can bring it all home with you (but you’ll try).

-Last Saturday when I was in Copenhagen. A day spent watching the sun and rain take turns from a cozy brewery that reminded me of Vancouver.

-Feeling like it’s Christmas Eve when an album you’ve been looking forward to comes out tomorrow.

-Getting excited when you realize you’re in an Airbnb which means you can sleep n a k e d. (But then also realizing you rarely sleep naked so it’s not actually that exciting.)

-Flipping through my journal to read mismatched notes on the past few months. (But still not knowing how to put all of them together in the way I feel will one day be necessary).