Little Big Things (Pt. 4)

Also known as, jot notes from my journal before I flew back to Canada. Or, things I thought about on the train from Edinburgh to London. Or, things I miss already. 

-The past 3 months.

-Catching up with new friends and old friends overseas.

-Thanksgiving in the UK with a Sunday roast and a mixture of familiar and new faces.

-Flipping through friends’ books (and reading one woman’s opinion on love at ages 17 or 25 and feeling, desperately, like there’s something I want to write about but I don’t totally know what).

-The hike in Edinburgh – all the wind – when the sun came out.

-Linen sheets (also Emma’s bed).

-The first non-travelling, real home/shower (feels fantastic in the moment, but a week or so later and I’ve already started to miss everything that came before it).

-When a good friend notices a difference.

-Meeting up with a friend I met in Lagos, a month later in Edinburgh.

-Remembering how it all began.

-The thought of seeing my friends and family in Ontario and BC (still wonderful, but now there’s other people to miss. there’s always people to miss).

-Throwing out nasty shoes (finally) (very fulfilling).

-All the pictures on my phone (and getting to go through them now and for the next few months/years).

-Everything I wrote in my journal.

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