Brief comments on travelling alone. (Or is it just me?)

Comfort & Zones.

Comfort: Often recognized when it disappears.
Zones: The boundaries we set for ourselves; the ones that are set naturally or subconsciously; and the boundaries we decide are worth overcoming.


-Feeling on top of the world because how cool is it being in a new city – new country – on your own?

-Moments of, “okay, it’d be cool to meet someone now,” and, “how on earth do I meet someone now?”

-The endless recognition that I’m the only one eating alone in this restaurant but also the recognition of I have so much table space or I’ve never paid so much attention to how many times I chew my food.

-Getting to go down any road I want because I can go down any road I want.

-The battle between feeling like I should maybe be social but also it’s 10pm and I’m going to bed (because I can).

-The surge of confidence when you figure out a new metro line or memorize the walk to your favourite places or when you simply finally have an idea of where you are in a new city.

-All the time you have for sitting in parks and writing in a journal.

-The anticipation of walking into a hostel dorm with no idea who you’re going to be sleeping next to for the following few nights. (Some places were better than others).

-Ordering the large cider because that’s what you do with friends but now it’s weird because you’re alone (and now tipsy, too).

-My mom gets awkward selfies instead of nice pictures taken by friends.

-I didn’t expect to get stuck in the forest on this empty island for so long – should I have told someone I’m here?

-Once again, feeling absolutely on top of this world. (I’ve never felt so weightless).

-Missing your friends when you walk into a strange motel-like hostel and you try to explain to someone how weird it is and they don’t totally get it but you know your friends would.

-Having to bring your bag everywhere because you can’t leave it unattended.

-Making it a rule that when you eat out alone you can’t use your phone (so it becomes a game of people-watching and learning to eat slower).

-Deciding what to do in that moment knowing you can (and will) at times change your mind.

-Nobody needs this much time to think (but I’ve sure thought through a lot).

-If I leave my “Period Power” book out on this table I wonder who will start conversations with me. (A couple people started conversations with me).

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