Lost, but not quite.

July 28th/16

I think at twenty-one the majority of us are a little concerned that we might be a bit lost.

Because right now the world is entirely open to us, and we’re realizing that many of the things we had thought we always wanted are suddenly being pushed to the back burner.

We’re finding ourselves in situations and realizing that we have no desire to be there, but sometimes it seems like the door to leave has a lock on it, and we haven’t fully realized that we have the key.

And where there used to be a clear pathway, suddenly we have oceans in front of us and getting from point A to point B does not seem as clear anymore, sometimes, we find a point C.

But at twenty-one, we really don’t have anywhere in particular to be yet. And if that’s the case, well I just don’t think it’s possible to be lost when you don’t even have a destination.


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