Number 4.

from 2014.

He was confusion at his worst
& I was naïve at my best
He was “I love you’s”
That I thought he meant

He was first kisses
& falling in and out of feelings
He was deceit, to me and to her
Then he was gone.

The next was subtle
Blended into his surroundings
Promising promises he had no intention of keeping
I was hoping on a hope that didn’t exist

He was with her
I was falling for him
He was a lie I didn’t want to figure out
She had the answer on that one long drive.

He was a back up
A get-over-the-last-one sort of help
There must’ve been something I fell for
I can’t find it anymore

I was giving up
We gave it all up
Did we waste our time?
What did we learn?

He was where I found myself
In a blur of fast paced romance
Nights we fought not to end
Hopes I began to rely on

I had chose him
But he hadn’t chose me
I almost fell apart
It’s different when he’s not there to catch me.

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