Two friends of mine.

She is a silent storm and sometimes I wish I could calm it. But she is greater than the sum of the tornado’s that exist within her mind and I think her only problem is that she doesn’t always see it. Because, god, everybody else does.

And she is better than absolutely any of us at being on her own, and I think she started to wear off on me – I really wouldn’t mind if she wears off on me a little bit more.
There are days when maybe we are a little bit more than a little bit alike and I think we share the same feelings in completely different ways – which is hard to explain.

But I think somewhere along the line we found pieces of ourselves in the other when we realized awkwardness was not a thing nobody else could understand.

She is a silent storm and I grew up knowing people who went out on their porches just to watch the lightening and I think it’s important for her to realize that there are people who do the same for her. Not everybody is this good at lighting up the sky.


She is bold, and she is working really hard on becoming whole, but aren’t we all? And because of her I am thankful for long lineups and not knowing if I’m in the right place, because I don’t know where I would be without them, anymore.

We found the definition of soul-mates in the moments when we began to find ourselves – together. And I think we really became somebody when we moved out here.

And she kept me in line when my emotions threatened otherwise, and we still keep each other in line even though there are oceans between us.

I think we balance each other out – because maybe I taught her that it’s okay to feel, a little more, and she taught me about all the moments where I simply needed to let go.

She is fierce and she is learning, all about what it means to have loved somebody. And I wish I could make it easier, but sometimes the hard stuff is just as beautiful even when you can’t see it. And she will always be the better dancer of the two of us, and I will always miss her while we are far apart.

I think we found a friendship that neither of us could quite explain, and one that we definitely did not predict, but we’ve explored coast lines and mountain ranges and I am always grateful that I can say, “That certainly won’t be the last of it.”

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