The other day, when I was trying really hard to study.

I am the pieces that don’t quite fit
and the left overs that are just out of place
and I am just out of reach
from anything that should be, could be
what I need.

And I am three days later than I should have been
and I’m trying to become faster at catching on
but it’s taking me longer
and I’m getting slower,
at keeping up with who I am.

And I should have thought of him all of yesterday
but I only thought of him briefly
every once in a while
and he is not the only one
on my mind.

So I am sorry that maybe i never loved enough
but i think I did, it was just not the right time
because I think as much as I loved him
I love myself alone
a whole lot more

And I’m not always okay with that
there are days that I am not completely
okay with this
but I am learning to accept
that I don’t have to be okay.

And right now I’m in somebody else’s house
and I feel a little bit distracted
but I would never tell him that
because we see each other in different lights
and he is on the stage and I am in the crowd
(and that is just okay)

But I have been reasons looking for answers
for longer than I would have wanted
and I’m trying to be okay
with being completely unknown
I am completely, unknown.

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