Party Animals / A Group Of People I Know

I told my mom that for Halloween we were dressing up as “party animals”. She said something along the lines of, “that makes sense.”

So last night was pub night and we got together and we got a little bit drunk. And if I’m being honest with you – sometimes, there are moments in between the dancing, and the lights flashing in your eyes, and the music cutting away at the voices around you – that I look around and I think, thank god for my friends.

Because it’s strange isn’t it? How all the sudden you’re surrounded by people and you can’t exactly pinpoint the moments they all came in to your life, but they’re here now, and it’s good. Some of us are still getting to know each other, piecing together friendships amid the long hours of more than one amusing night, and things like “friendsgivings” and once-every-two-weeks-house-parties.

            My friends are party animals, and the fact that most of us were up past 5am last night can attest to at least a portion of that. And I really don’t mind. I really don’t mind the extra bottles of wine – the one’s that may not have been needed. Because I won’t lie, I really like the stories at 10:30am, and the one’s that emerge later on around 2pm.

And I like the part where we all get into each other’s cars, and we go for breakfast just to spend time in anxious silence because we can admit that in that moment that we might need food more than each other. I really don’t mind.

So last night I stayed up passed 5am, and my feet hurt from dancing, and my voice hurt from talking – about so many things. And this morning I woke up to the sound of memories being passed back and forth in the room next door, and I think that means I woke up laughing – which is a good way to wake up.

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