I had almost forgotten the way the world looked when the ground wasn’t soaking wet and the sun was out. I think on my way to Guelph this morning I fell in love all over again with the red and orange trees – or whats left of them, and what they’ve shed all over the ground. Guelph will always be home, in the same way that Kitchener is, and in a similar but slightly different way than Vancouver is. But needless to say, I hold Guelph in a special part of my heart, and driving through the fall-coloured streets all morning made me so happy to be home.

Vancouver is beautiful – the mountains the ocean, and even on some days, the rain – but it’s beautiful in a different way than parts of Ontario are. And I think I’ve grown to love the contrast between the two places – the way they each give me something different to fall in love with – the way I can hold onto each despite where I am.

Seeing my friends is like Christmas morning and God could I ever live in that moment for a while longer. But we all know, whatever we have is never quite long enough, so we hang on to each moment with precious sincerity. I love them all, so much.

This morning I had breakfast with two best friends that I used to live with – we ate waffles, muffins, and cupcakes that my mom had packed us – and we caught up over only a few of the things that had happened to us. It was all I could have asked for. And later I caught up with somebody I hadn’t seen in over a year – and it felt good – because when I first left, we didn’t know when we would see each other again. Then before heading home, I got to enjoy a beautiful walk down the old Chancellors path and listen to my friend talk about what it felt like to spill her heart out.

I could have stayed there all day – all week. Because time goes by so quickly, and there’s so much to hang on to, and so much more I would love to grasp. But every night I go to bed this week, I remember how soon I will be back – and I am so thankful to be able to occasionally bridge the gap between everything I am in love with here in Ontario, and everything that I am in love with back home in British Columbia. 

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