Messy Hearts

Is love,
And tomorrow,
Is heartbreak.

And to pretend that the sun shines without clouds,
Is to diminish the beauty of a Fall sky,
So we won’t pretend that everything is perfect,
And we shouldn’t pretend that everything is fine.

We should know that it will be unbelievably beautiful,
And also incredibly hard,
But more importantly we know that it will be worth everything it involves.

We will carry messy hearts,
And I pray that we let them feel,
Everything there is to feel.

Because despite all the hurt,
There is nothing more beautiful than a messy heart,
And the way it keeps beating,
Even when it feels like falling apart.

So we will hold each other’s hands,
And put each foot in front of the other,
Because tomorrow is about love,
Even if sometimes we feel the heartbreak.

Will be one of the best days of her life,
May be one of her hardest.

And I pray that she is able,
To embrace each and every moment,
Because tomorrow is all about love,
Even when sometimes, it hurts.

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