Pre-flight thoughts & surviving November

When I first decided to move to B.C. I never fully thought through how many plane rides that would inevitably include. Somehow, the travel time spent between Ontario and British Columbia was left out of my equation, and just now I am realizing that for somebody who only started flying last Fall, I am now spending a lot of time on planes.

My flight to Ontario last week actually went quite well – that is – after I double checked that the marks on the window next to me were in fact frost, and not the window slowly cracking.

Despite my anxious heart, I am thankful for how well I have been doing with the flights. For the most part, I enjoy the break from “life” that being on a plane gives. While at the same time, I absolutely dread the feeling of being “trapped”, so attempting to navigate these two ideas involves a lot of give-and-take.

Tonight I’ll land in Vancouver around midnight, which is going to feel an awful lot like 3am for my partially adjusted Ontario body – so perhaps I will have better days at work than what tomorrow morning is going to feel like… But it has definitely all still been worth it.

That mindset, is something I’m going to hang on to for the next several weeks, as I reluctantly throw myself back into a semester that I had taken a break from. November is by far the busiest month of the Fall semester, and a small dose of jet-lag will be sure to make it that much harder to get through.

Thankfully, I can look forward to the fast approaching holidays and knowing that, good marks, or not, I will (somehow) make it through the coming weeks – though it won’t be without (more than) a little help from my friends, cheap wine, and lots of tea. 

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