The reason why I blink.

I do this thing…
Where any time I remember something embarrassing,
I blink really hard for a few moments
As though the darkness behind my eyes
Can clear the dirty slate
That I have built in the back of my mind.

Because it’s hard isn’t it?
To feel as though you are just a little bit
Too much
So sometimes you find yourself disclosing secrets
Before somebody can find them out themselves

Because it feels more like a consolation, right?
If I told you about it, you can’t come up with it on your own
You can’t hold it against me
I told you so, right?

I am mostly made up of flaws
And water
And excess emotion
And I’m not always good at letting things be.

I’m not always good at silence
But I’ve gotten pretty good at sometimes filling it
With meaningless things
Because you’re not interested in listening
To the sound of my breathing –

Are you?

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