9 Things for 9 Weeks into 2017

  1. Taking transit 2 hours one-way to sit on a rock by the ocean for an hour or two is long, exhausting, and most of the time, completely and utterly worth it.
    – When the rain breaks, take every single chance to get outside and enjoy it because nothing says emotional medicine like mountain tops, tree lines, and the moment the almost-forgotten-about sunshine breaks through the clouds. Thank God for those moments.
  2. Some people are friends. Some people are University friends.
    – Both serve a purpose. Both are important. Both are to be completely and utterly thankful for. But some are temporary, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  3. Have your friend’s over and cook them dinner. Pour some wine and put on some good music. Buy expensive ice cream and pour a bit of Bailey’s over it.
    It’ll feel good, really good.
  4. You can write a blog about the importance of/your enjoyment of being single, and some people will still assume you’ve fallen for their friend. Needless to say, people don’t need much to draw their own conclusions, so if you’re going to write, write about whatever the hell you want.
    – & also, defending yourself gets old and often works against your favour; the fact is, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. The sooner you start acting that way, the sooner people will start to believe you – and if not, I mean, whatever. 
  5. You can be tough as nails. But it’s still allowed to hurt every once in a while.
    Especially the small things. The things you really don’t want to admit that you care about, but let’s be honest, we all do to some degree, how could you not? 
  6. Go to concerts by yourself, even when you’re sifting through thousands of people and feeling incredibly anxious.
    – But also, leave. If you don’t want to be there anymore. If you find yourself in a room full of thousands of people cheering to values that you simply don’t agree with. You can leave. (This applies to anything). 
  7. Never mistake friendship for a few drunken conversations about family and past romance(s).
    – Some people just need a sound board, I’ve always been pretty good at that, I don’t really mind.
  8. Social media serves a purpose, but one day you’ll take the bus towards home and notice every single person looking down, and you’ll start to fear social media more than you enjoy it.
    – You’ll start to wonder about everything you give up, and what exactly is worth it.
  9. Things you’ll need for this year:
    You’ll need good music – relatable music; documentaries & TedTalks that make your skin tingle with a drive for something new; friends who stay up far too late with you; boys who teach you lessons you had to learn one way or another; hikes the make your legs feel weak and your heart feel full; people that don’t remind you of your mistakes; long distance phone calls and letters from long distance friends; photographs of everything you’ll never want to forget; and you’ll need the ability to take everything that is shitty, and push it back behind everything that is so, so good.

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