Today I finished classes but this has nothing to do with that. (A Playlist)

I’m finishing school, so naturally, I’m in a weird mood. One that’s probably 70% nostalgia and the other 30% I currently don’t have a name for. I’ve got two final papers and a final exam still to write, and I’m trying really hard (and not hard enough) to be invested in it. Regardless, here’s my current study playlist – my ‘I’m either nostalgic or ready for summertime (or both)’ playlist – that probably does very little to help me study.

Wilderado – Rubble to Rubble
Kenny Chesney – Setting the World on Fire
Matt Maeson – Tribulation
Dallas Smith – Lifted
Matt Maeson – Twenty Twelve
Saint Mesa – Jungle (acoustic)
Ocean Park Standoff – Good News
Henry Jamison – The Rains
Wilderado – Morning Light
The Lumineers – Sleep on the Floor
Matt Maeson – Straight Razor
Lauv – The Story Never Ends (piano version)

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