Overtime you give things up without knowing. You get tired and you blame yourself because it doesn’t seem like there could be anything else to blame. One day you find out you’ve been blaming yourself for at least 4 years for things that are out of your control and you find yourself losing touch with who you are. As though the past years start to make more sense and who you are now starts to make less. You learn that even the smallest things can grow to something large over all of those years. You learn that you need to let go – let go and love yourself a little bit more – forgive yourself a whole lot more. You learn you have to stop comparing – you have to stop saying it’s not that bad and let it be bad enough because we all know it can always be worse but that doesn’t make now any better. You learn that one day does exist and one day can be better and right now you are already on your way to one day. But for right now – for right now things can still be greater than good if you decide it’s time to stop blaming yourself for being so, so tired – if you decide to give yourself a break, and to get back to who you really are. 

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