Little Big Things (Pt. 1)

Also known as, things that made my heart feel full. Or, things that made me laugh/smile/breathe deeply. Or, little big things I love about travelling.

-Watching the sun go down in different cities, with different people, on cliff edges or cobblestone streets.

-Slow walking through pretty streets with eyes wide open.

-When she says it’s been a hard enough 6 years and I breathe deeply because when I’m away from it all I don’t carry that weight.

-Talking tipsy with new friends about politics and what do you believe in and who do you vote for (and why is it so unbearably hard to talk about who we vote for).

-Finding out a guy from back home is single.

-A new playlist from a new friend with a new favourite song.

-Making less-than-24-hour-friends while travelling.

-Making much-longer-than-24-hour-friends while travelling.

-Ending up cool places because “That street looks pretty, I want to go down there.”

-Feeling the chilly air in Stockholm after spending a month and a half in the summer heat.

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