Little Big Things (Pt.2)

Also known as, things I’ve jotted down in my journal over the past week. Or, things that make you feel cozy and comfortable. Or, things that make you feel at home in a foreign city.

-A Saturday in Stockholm late September, with 19 degree weather and sunshine.

-Wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and sandals.

-Strolling Hornstull Marknad, a cozy market on the edge of the river surrounded by docks and food trucks.

-Streets where every other door leads to an art gallery, a thrift shop, an antique store, or a bar

-Cities with lots of park space.

-Towns with no cars.

-FaceTiming a best friend (or two).

-Standing under the bathroom hand dryer to warm up.

-Clean underwear when you were on your final pair.

-Knowing I can take my time.

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