Wine Wednesday.

Large wine glasses.
Red wine.
This is what I wanted my 20s to look like. 

She says
Two bottles of wine

Is more economical
Than each of us ordering our own glass

Champagne glasses.
Maybe this is for our 30s.
But right now is a good enough time to celebrate. 

I love this. 

I love this place and it’s dim light and live music
How it’s in a house, and we’re in big plush chairs
The way we’re scattered around this table talking about
Our weekends away together and
Friendships – some that hurt
And that time he said
“I want to kiss you so badly” and you said “Thank you so much.”

This is what I want.
What I imagine these years are supposed to look like.
And this table full of familiar faces makes it look so,
So much better.

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